To assist the patient during treatment; The patient has the right to have a companion, subject to the approval of the doctor in charge of the treatment, to the extent required by the legislation and the possibilities of our hospital, and as required by the patient's health status. How and when this right will be exercised should be carried out in accordance with the procedures and principles determined in our hospital. In terms of your patient's health, we would like to emphasize that you should help us in this regard and that you should accompany your patient in accordance with the procedures and principles determined within the framework of our hospital's companion policy.

-The need for a companion is decided by the patient's doctor.
-A companion card is given to the patient's relative who comes to the service. The companions must wear their cards in a visible way as long as they are in our hospital as a companion. The companion card cannot be used by anyone else.
-The companion card is checked by security guards at the entrance and exit.
-Service nurses will be informed about the change of companions.
-For the privacy of our patients, male attendants cannot stay in the patient rooms where female patients are present.
-No attendants are allowed in the intensive care units.
 -Companions will not take their patients out of the service or change their beds without the request of the relevant physician or nurse.
 -Companions will not bring food or drink to the patient, and will not give any food or drink to the patient without consulting the physician or nurse.
Our regulations regarding patient accompaniment in the departments where there are special patient groups: There is no companion for the patients whose companion is not deemed suitable by the physician. For Patients in the Isolation Room, a Companion is Provided to Stay at the Patient's Side by Using Personal Protective Equipment, if necessary