1- In line with the purpose and philosophy of nursing services, it plans, executes and evaluates in-service training programs in accordance with the needs of nurses-midwives and health officers working in the hospital.
2-Plans, conducts and evaluates the general orientation training of all nurses, midwives and health officers who start working in the hospital; After the general orientation training, the unit monitors their compliance with the unit by carrying out the orientation trainings and using the evaluation tools determined by the institutional procedures.
3- While creating in-service training plans, it takes into account scientific developments and innovations, the requirements communicated by the Health Care Services Directorate, and important days and weeks.
4-Cooperates with relevant persons and institutions when necessary in the creation and implementation of training programs, and ensures the control of the necessary resources and materials for the training environment.
5-It ensures that in-service training plans and programs are announced using the available communication tools in line with the procedures and possibilities of the institution, and that the employees are informed.
6- Maintains constant communication with the relevant units in order to ensure coordination with other training programs held in the hospital. Collaborates with the responsible nurse in the creation of in-service training plans prepared on a unit basis for nurses, and makes suggestions regarding training needs.
7- Maintains and follows up the records of the participants in the in-service training and general orientation training. In the first week of each month, it submits the information about the in-service trainings to the Health Care Services Manager as a report and sends the data to the Southern Secretariat of the Public Hospitals Association.
8- Evaluates the training programs carried out and makes the necessary changes according to the results, plans the training according to the identified deficiencies.
9- It shares the participation results obtained as a result of the training evaluations with the Health Care Services Manager and tries to develop a reward system (new responsibilities, participation/acknowledgment certificates, etc.) in line with the institution's facilities and procedures.
10-Congress, symposium, workshop etc. to increase professional knowledge and skills. participates in events. Follows and applies new developments in educational technology.

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