Our Mission
To ensure that all our patients who apply for health services, regardless of religion, language, race, gender and social class, are respectful to patient rights, sensitive to physicians' rights, and adhere to ethical values, to ensure that the communication between the service provider and the field is carried out on solid foundations, to make satisfaction continuous, to use resources effectively. and to use it efficiently, to provide quality health care, to inform patients about health through various communication ways, to care about the satisfaction of patients and their relatives and our own staff while providing health services, to contribute to health with social responsibility projects.
our vision
Our hospital is open to all kinds of scientific and technological developments in the future in terms of service delivery, in constant competition with every official or private institution or organization that we have the same status in our environment and in our region, and within the framework of ethical rules in every field, in the international standard that our people deserve, the highest quality, the most efficient and the most efficient. It aims to produce services as if it competes with itself in a reliable and constantly renewing way.