Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgeries Can Be Performed at Bozova State Hospital.

Şanlıurfa Provincial Health Director Assoc. Dr. Abdullah Solmaz said that gynecology, obstetrics and cesarean section surgeries can be performed at Bozova Mehmet-Enver Yıldırım State Hospital in a short time.
Şanlıurfa Provincial Health Director Assoc.Prof.Dr. Abdullah Solmaz; Bozova Mehmet-Enver Yıldırım State Hospital is a "D" group hospital. Our work continues at the Ministry level to ensure that the status of this hospital is group "C". We visited polyclinics, dialysis, emergency service, pregnancy school, diabetes nursing and inpatient units, we identified the deficiencies and solved the ones that needed to be solved on site.
With the appointment of an obstetrician to Bozova Mehmet-Enver Yıldırım State Hospital, by eliminating all the deficiencies of our Operating Room and activating it with staff support, obstetrics and caesarean section surgeries can now be performed in this hospital and there will be a decrease in the rate of referral to the center except for risky pregnant women.
We examined on-site the work done to establish a 5-unit physical therapy and rehabilitation unit in the hospital. Our unit will be put into service in a short time.
We told them to make the necessary preparations to open a children's palliative service. In our hospital, space was delivered to the company to repair the earthquake-related damages. The work will begin, and the repair of the damaged areas will be completed in a short time.
"As the Provincial Health Directorate, we will continue our efforts to minimize the transfer of patients from our districts to the city center," he said.
Provincial Health Director Assoc.Prof.Dr. Abdullah Solmaz listened to the wishes and wishes of the health personnel. They visited the patients and their relatives who were hospitalized and came for treatment and expressed their wishes for a speedy recovery.

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